Web Development: Governors Island NYC Big Apps Challenge

In May 2014, I entered the NYC Big Apps Challenge. It is a competition that engages developers, designers, engineers and others to use technology to create solutions for various NYC organizations. There were four categories of challenges to choose from: live, work, play and learn. I chose to create a web component to The Trust for Governors Island's main website.

The mobile web app, displyed on the left, is built with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and jQuery. The main page icludes an automatic listing of the next upcoming event, a Twitter feed, and a Javascript message that says whether the island is open for the season or closed. In the top left corner the logo that takes users back home, is designed in the shape of the island (often thought to resemble an ice cream cone). On the events page, visitors can use the search feature to find currents events, special programs and ongoing events. They can also filter by date, location and/or event type. On the Ferry Information page, users can find details on how to get to the island, ferry terminal locations, ticket costs and schedules. The ferry ticket page will calculate the cost of your tickets.

The dining options page has all of the frequently available food truck and other dining options on the island. It includes a search feature and uses a Yelp API to pull a review summary, star rating and number of reviews. The Points of Interest page has a map of the island with various sections numbered. Users can tap on the number to see the name of the location and either tap on the name to see the description or manually scroll down to the descriptions. The Social Media Connection page lets users view the various social media feeds for The Trust for Governors Island including their Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram photos, Pinterest pins, their blog posts and Youtube videos.